The East Green Boys


    Jan 2020: The Hopkins Family formed a bluegrass band back in 2013, named the band The East Green Boys. Gerry plays the banjo and started learning banjo during Jan 2012. He was joined a year later when two of his sons began playing fiddle and mandolin. Tom plays mandolin and Bill plays fiddle.


Gerry, Tom and Bill have played guitar for many years, but all three are fairly new to their bluegrass instruments. Although beginners with their new instruments, they enthusiastically play as best as they can while having a great time playing in the family band. Now all they have to do, is talk youngest son Steve into playing stand up bass.

Recently, a good friend and neighbor, Matt Giraldi, joined the group with lead vocals and guitars. He brings a lot of talent and fun to our group. And we even got Gin to sing some back-up female vocals. We are not professionals by any means; we are "porch pickers" who have a lot of fun playing good, old-time music together.

I am also adding a page called Gerry's Banjo Adventure. Why I started playing Banjo during Jan 2012, I don't know. I had been saying for a long time, "I want to play banjo." So my wife Ginger and my middle son Bill gave me a banjo for Christmas during Dec 2011. I decided to learn the Bluegrass, Scruggs 3-finger style of playing, and I knew that it takes years to really play well. So I videotaped myself at different points over the last 18 months, just to show my progress. Here's the link to that page, if you are so inclined. Please click here
Here are some more recent videos: we have a couple of songs from a Cousins' Reunion and a song from a jam session in my home. 
Here are a few videos of the Misty Mountain Boys first Jam Session, held on Saturday, Jun 29 2013. Be kind, we are all still beginners, but we had a lot of fun...