We have put together a comprehensive contact list for the Class of 1967. We have nearly 50% of the class in our current list. If you would like to contact someone from Class of 1967, please email me and I will forward your request to the graduate. They can then respond back to you directly. This way, we can safeguard the personal information of our classmates. Thanks


When my sister and I lived in Richmond Hill, NY, if you were Catholic, you went to Catholic Grammar School, period. No questions asked. In my part of the neighborhood, we all went to St. Benedict Joseph Labre, or SBJL, (or less formally as "St Benny's) which was located at  94-40 118th Street in Richmond Hill. In the 50's, 60's and 70's, most parishes had a church and an associated school, so we were part of the SBJL church parish and went to SBJL grammar school as well.

I attended SBJL all the way from Kindergarten (1958-1959) through 8th Grade and Graduation (1966-1967). My sister graduated from SBJL in 1961, but would return for her wedding at the church in 1969. All of us who attended SBJL have many great memories of this school and the Josephite nuns, lay teachers and administrators who devoted tireless effort and love to our education and upbringing. It is sad to note that the grammar school has since been closed, circa 2010. What I present in the next few pages pays tribute to the old, endearing memories of the parish and school, the way that it once was. Many thanks SBJL!              Read More...

Here is a Graduation Photo for Class 8-1, Class of 1967. A big thank you to Joe Cutrone for supplying this image.
Here is the Graduation photo for Class 8-2, Class of 1967!
A Call for Photos!
We will add some photos to start and will add more photos as we scan them. If any of you have scanned photos of SBJL, please email them to me at gerardh629@aol.com. We will incorporate into our slideshow.

A Call for Contact Information!
I also have a list of SBJL graduates from the Class of 1967. (In the last few months, I have been putting together a comprehensive contact list--it ain't easy when you are trying to find people from 35 years ago!). If you are a 1967 graduate, or know where to find a 1967 graduate, please email me at gerardh629@aol.com. I would greatly appreciate any info that you can provide!