Richmond Hill 1975 Walking Tour

Many of the photos in this album were taken by Greg Tanico on Jun 7, 1975. He started at Lefferts Blvd and Liberty Avenue and walked down to 126th Street taking photos as he went. He took these photos on the morning of his Wedding Day. It was a stroke of brilliance to take a photo record of Liberty Avenue from that time. I wish I had thought of that myself. I would have loved to have had similar photos from the late 60's. So thanks Greg!

I graduated from West Point during June 1975, so it is especially appealing to me to see these photos. I left Richmond Hill, NY that same month, joined the Army and never returned to Richmond Hill (well, I did once, during 1987, to help my parent's move to Long Island). I lived on 123rd St near Liberty (103-32 123rd St to be specific), so Greg's photo record truly highlights my local stomping grounds on Liberty Ave. I have also added some photos of mine from earlier periods (1957 through 1971), so there are a combination of views from this geographic area. I will add more to the Photo Walk-through as I scan them.

In the album, the first photo you will see, will be a Point of View (POV) from the photographer's perspective outlined by a red "V" on a current Google Earth photo. Each of these POV's will show where the photographer stood to take the photo and the field of view of the camera for each photo. These are all approximate measurements. So there will be a POV for each photo in the walk-through. Enjoy!