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Jun 2020  Gin and I are excited that Bill and Kat had their first child, a boy, born on Jan 31, 2020. We were so happy to welcome William Read Hopkins, Jr to the world and to our family. Read is growing big and strong: we now have a fifth grandson, enough for our own basketball team!. 

Unfortunately, almost immediately after Read was born, we had the NY pandemic lockdown. So we could not see him or hold him for several months. We still haven't had a family get-together with all of our sons, daughters-in-law and grandsons since January 2020. We miss them so very much, just like the millions of grandparents out there in the US who have been deprived as we have. Let's pray that we return to normal soon, whatever the new normal will be. Stay safe and stay healthy!

As always, if you are in the area, stop by for a visit. We would love to see you. After the pandemic, obviously.


You also may want to check out our section on Richmond Hill. I have also added a photo album to that page. We still have clips from the East Green Boys, so take a look.

Here they are! The first pictures of Matthew Gerard Hopkins and Family. We'll be adding more soon. Enjoy!
For your viewing pleasure, please click on the movie icon to your right to see home movies of Baby Matthew, Aug 9 2013, or the Jun 29th Shower by Mail. Enjoy!