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Jun 2020:  Welcome to the Hopkins Family Home Page. This website is a continual work in progress, so we'll keep adding content as we go. For now, please look at the News and Events tab, the East Green Boys tab and the Richmond Hill tab. All of you stay safe and healthy! Enjoy!

If you are looking for Troop 273 Richmond Hill NY website, please click here. It is another work in progress so we will add content as time allows.

The official website for the Gerard Hopkins Family, Rock Tavern, New York: Gerry, Ginger, Tom, Dolores, (grandsons: Matthew, David, Gregory, and Joseph), Bill, Kat and Read and Steve Hopkins and all of our family and friends. Enjoy!

So I retired again back in April 2019: retired until I get bored and start working again. But I do have more time to maintain this website and others that I administer. And there are plenty of things to do around the house. I am also starting a year long effort to digitize the thousands of our family photos.

If you are in the area, stop by for a visit!

Gerry and Ginger Jun 1979. 41 years and counting.